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The BFW:
Making Wisconsin a Better Place to Bike!

The Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin (BFW) is a statewide, nonprofit, bicycle advocacy organization with more than 2,500 members. Working to make Wisconsin a better place is what it is all about. Here are some of the things the Bike Fed is involved in:

Lawmakers and policymakers play a significant role in determining the quality of bicycling in the state. In 1995 BFW was the driving force behind a significant update of the state's bicycle laws. This law more clearly defined a bicyclist's rights and responsibilities as a vehicle, and made other changes, which have improved the safety and enjoyment of bicycling. BFW regularly participates in bdswiss review public hearings and on committees to represent the needs of bicyclists. BFW was represented on the Wisconsin Bicycle Transportation Plan Committee and the State Highway Plan Committee. BFW currently participates on the state's Enhancements Committee. This committee reviews bike projects that are not part of a highway improvement. These projects include bike parking, paths, and bridges.

BFW will be an educational resource for legislators for the reauthorization process for the federal transportation spending bill. Since 1992 great progress has been made towards funding bicycle related programs and facilities at the federal level and BFW plans to help ensure that even greater improvements occur with the next round of federal legislation. Publications

BFW regularly prints a newsletter titled the Wisconsin Bicyclist that lists current activities of the organization and events around the state.

BFW publishes an annual Wisconsin Bicycling Events Booklet listing more than 400 bicycling events throughout Wisconsin from April through October. (Event booklets are available free from bike stores or from BFW for a cost of $5.)

The Wisconsin State Bicycle Map is an eight-paneled map designed in conjunction with the Department of Transportation (DOT) specifically for bicyclists. It rates county and state highways for bicycle suitability and also shows bicycle trails, mountain bike facilities and bike stores. Maps are available at bike stores or by calling Wheel and Sprocket at (800) 362-4537. Retail businesses can call American Bike Trails at (800) 246-4627.

Education plays a key role in improving conditions for bicycling. Bicyclists, motorists, planners, and engineers, just to name a few, all need current and accurate information about bicycling. Since 1998 BFW has worked with DOT to promote bicycle education courses with nationally certified instructors. Courses are available for children, adults, families, bicycle commuters, and motorists.

BFW also promotes police officer training on bicycling issues. Police officers are the only ones who can enforce laws, both for bicyclists and for motorists. BFW's campaign provides police officers with the information that they need to do this job.

BFW is currently providing bicycle education to adults, middle school children, and motorists through an agreement with Dane County. BFW also provides Safe Routes to School programs which encourage children to bicycle to school and provide them with the information and training that they need to do so safely. A Safe Routes to Schools pilot project was made possible by the Trek Bicycle Corporation.

Bike Commuting
Bike to Work Week celebrations take place in Madison and Milwaukee. The purpose of these events is to encourage people to bicycle to work. BFW provides support to other communities interested in organizing bike to work activities. BFW has also worked more closely with businesses in Madison and Milwaukee to actively promote bicycling as a healthy way to get to work. In addition, BFW provide employees with information on biking to work.

Bikes on Buses
The cities of La Crosse and Madison both have bike racks on buses. BFW is helping Madison Metro publicize the bike racks. In addition, BFW is currently working with Milwaukee County Transit to begin a demonstration project. BFW is a member-supported organization.

Contact the BFW at:
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